Harvest Bible Chapel Bailout

James MacDonald Greed
James MacDonald Bailout

Over the past few months, Pastor James MacDonald and the leaders of Harvest Bible Chapel have been begging for money. Starting out by begging select people internally, and eventually moving toward their congregation. Pastor James is calling it the “Closer Campaign”.

So why is Harvest begging people for money again? For a bailout.

Pastor James has put the church in debt by over $40 million dollars. If that sounds unrealistically high, it is much smaller than the $70 million dollars in debt that Pastor James accumulated for Harvest Bible Chapel several years ago. Pastor James master plan is to get Harvest debt free (by begging) so that Pastor James MacDonald can retire and turn over the church to his 2 sons Luke and Landon MacDonald.

The Harvest Bible Chapel elders know that once Pastor James turns over the church to his sons that the river of money that flows through Harvest will dry up. Thus the Harvest Bible Chapel Bailout plan was created and called the “Closer Campaign”. Allowing Pastor James to get closer to your money so that he can continue to spend the money wherever he and the elders want to. Keep in mind they still have refused to provide complete transparency on where all the money goes. In fact, Harvest Bible Chapel dropped the lawsuit when they found out they were going to have to turnover all of their financials and show where all the money went. Pastor James tries to spin it, however it is crystal clear to most people the continued lies Harvest continues to spin. Just look at their comments about dropping the lawsuit here. They talk about protecting “friends” of theirs. The only people they are protecting are Pastor James, the elders and the other leaders who would almost certainly be forced to resign if the members found out what they have been hiding all along.

Although it will never happen, the members should demand to see the books and demand for complete transparency. While they are at it, they should also demand that Pastor James and the elders stop lying. I won’t hold my breathe.