Harvest Bible Chapel Endangering Children

Pastor James MacDonald Endangering ChildrenPastor James McDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel have now been accused of endangering children. By now you are probably aware that recently a pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel was charged with sexual exploitation of a child. You can read more about that HERE. Even though Pastor James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel were aware of the sexual exploitation, they still allowed that pastor to attend services at Harvest for many months. In a nutshell, they were aware of the children being endangered, and still allowed the pastor to continue to be around members of Harvest and their children.

Now another bombshell report regarding how Harvest Bible Chapel covered-up that pastor’s sexual exploitation. You can watch the video below and read the article calling for Pastor James MacDonald and the elders to step down from Harvest Bible Chapel.

James Engleman on Harvest Covering Up the Endangerment of Children


James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel: On an Alleged NDA , On MacDonald Family Salaries and a Call for MacDonald to Step Down by a Former Member