Harvest Bible Chapel Lawsuits

Harvest Bible Chapel Lawsuit Elephants Debt
Harvest Bible Chapel Lawsuit Elephants Debt

Included in this post is the Harvest Bible Chapel lawsuit against the writers of the Elephants Debt. An unbiblical lawsuit that is not only attacking the 1st Amendment rights that are provided by our Constitution, but this lawsuit is also an attack by James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel on the Bible and God’s word. You can read claims made by James and the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel HERE.

This lawsuit from Harvest Bible Chapel is not about “protecting” the members of the church. This is about money. In the lawsuit you can read about how this has affected “donations”. They want the blog gone so less members leave. If less members leave, that means more donations. More donations means they can help pay down the $48.5 MILLION debt that James MacDonald has amassed. 

I had never read the Elephants Debt until James MacDonald sent out the email saying they were suing the owners of that website. What I read on that blog is true. I didn’t see anything that I would disagree with. Especially the posts from former elders about James’ anger issues and the culture of intimidation from James and other elders. If you have been around Harvest’s inner workings long enough, you know these statements are very accurate.

This lawsuit is a fraud. It is blasphemy against God’s word. It goes against James MacDonald’s own teachings. Ask Harvest Bible Chapel to provide you with a copy of the sermon where James says it is unbiblical to sue someone over relational issues. Even the judge threw out the request for a temporary restraining order. Why? Because it is not criminal like James MacDonald is trying to say. Harvest Bible Chapel is wasting money on frivolous and unbiblical lawsuits. Now all the sudden they say some elders donated toward the costs of this lawsuit so that it wouldn’t come out of Harvest Bible Chapel’s coffers. So why didn’t the elders donate that money to pay down the $48.5 million debt? Why didn’t James use that elder money for a better purpose?

Matthew 6:24: No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

Email the elders and ask them the following questions:

  1. Ask Harvest Bible Chapel for a copy of that sermon. I have a copy but I have been advised not to publish it as Harvest may try to sue me for copyright infringement.
  2. Ask them about the 1st lawsuit they filed even before this one.
  3. Ask them why they hid that first lawsuit. Why they didn’t announce it like they did the 2nd lawsuit?
  4. Ask James MacDonald how that 1st lawsuit is biblical? There was no written contract. (Knowing James he will probably try to say it was a “verbal” contract. Are there any limits to his spin now?)
  5. Ask the elders how you can trust James and his teachings after these lies and deception to get what he wants?