Harvest Bible Chapel Prediction

Harvest Bible Chapel Unbiblical Lawsuit
Harvest Bible Chapel Unbiblical Lawsuit

Pastor James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel filed not 1, but 2 unbiblical lawsuits in the past 3 months. At the end of the day, both lawsuits are about money. Both lawsuits are unbiblical regardless of how Pastor James MacDonald has tried to twist God’s word to fit what he wants.

Interestingly enough, the lawsuit against Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) and the lawsuit against the bloggers at The Elephant’s Debt, both would require James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel to do 2 very important and critical things:

1. Harvest Bible Chapel will have to open up their books. Something they have hidden for years. Even the elder board of Harvest Bible Chapel are not allowed to know about all the expenses of Harvest Bible Chapel and where exactly they go.

2. Pastor James MacDonald, the elders and leaders of Harvest Bible Chapel will be exposed to a deposition and to taking the witness stand. Where they will have to either tell the truth, or lie to the court in order to maintain their cover-ups.

There is NO WAY that Pastor James MacDonald is going to allow this. There is NO WAY the elder board will allow this. Can you imagine all the cover-ups that would be exposed? All the financial information they have tried to hide from their members all these years that would be open to the public. Can you imagine over 30 people who have been helping with multiple cover-ups over the years trying to keep their stories straight? It would be impossible. A good attorney would have a field day and would expose all of the fraud going on at Harvest Bible Chapel.

My opinion is that Harvest filed a lawsuit against Evangelical Christian Credit Union believing they could keep it a secret. That no one would find out? Why? Because it is an unbiblical lawsuit that is about money. They still have not announced the lawsuit or informed their membership. Even though this lawsuit was filed before the Elephant Debt’s lawsuit, and James MacDonald & Harvest Bible Chapel released statements about the 2nd lawsuit.

My opinion is that Harvest filed a lawsuit against The Elephant’s Debt bloggers believing that they would be able to bully them into submission.  Pastor James MacDonald and the elders believe that Harvest has an open checkbook to spend whatever it takes on this lawsuit to shut the bloggers up, and that the bloggers would not be able to afford the potential $100,000+ that it may take to defend themselves. Mafia-esque style tactics. One of James MacDonald’s popular sayings comes to mind:

“If you are wrong in the way you are right, you are still wrong.”

James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel are wrong. And they know it. But they don’t care. James is going to do what he wants even if it goes against God’s word.Even if it means he is mocking God.

So here is my Harvest Bible Chapel prediction. If either of these lawsuits get to the point where Harvest Bible Chapel has to open up their books, and/or their leaders & pastors have to be deposed, James MacDonald and Harvest will drop the lawsuit. In my opinion I believe this has already been planned in advance. But here is where it becomes interesting. Is James and the elders going to admit that they tried to bully the bloggers and they were wrong in doing so? Will they admit that Pastor James MacDonald blasphemed God’s word, and that his actions have had and will have a negative impact on thousands, if not tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people due to his false teaching that he published on Christianity Today? Will James MacDonald acknowledge the great amount of unbelief that will come about because of his hypocrisy and twisting of God’s word? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I predict that Pastor James MacDonald will state something along the following lines:

“God has been convicting my heart and showing me that I have been wrong in filing this lawsuit. I apologize.”

By apologizing James will fully expect that the damage he has done and the unbelief he has caused, and the false teachings he has given will just instantly go away. Again, I believe that this is the game plan and has been the game plan since the beginning. Which would mean that the statement is a lie and completely insincere. Only an honest and brave elder would be able to confirm that. I am not holding my breath for that to happen. Unless of course they take the stand and are asked about it. Remember though, God said He will not be mocked.