James MacDonald Unbiblical NDA’s?

James MacDonald Unbiblical Non-Disclosure
James MacDonald Unbiblical Non-Disclosure

How would you describe a document that was meant to keep people from telling the truth? Would you call that “transparency?” What if that document kept you from doing what was right? What if it was meant to cover-up sin, wrong-doing and evil as a whole? Would that be biblical? Would that correlate with God’s word?

You can view the apparent Non-Disclosure Agreement that Pastor James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel forces their pastors and employees to sign HERE. Why? Why would a God-fearing, Bible-preaching church have to force their employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement? What could possibly be going on behind the scenes of Harvest Bible Church that Pastor James MacDonald would be afraid that other people would know about? Isn’t that unbiblical on James Macdonald’s part? Isn’t that unbiblical on the part of Harvest Bible Chapel? Since when does the Bible permit hiding wrong-doing? Since when does the Bible permit covering up sin?

If James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel teach complete transparency, why would there be a need for a non-disclosure agreement? Unless the complete transparency is only for the people he preaches to and not for him or the leaders. Which of course would be hypocrisy.

I came across this article that discusses both Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Disparagement Agreements. It should be worth the few minutes it takes to read it. Then you can answer for yourself if the non-disclosure agreements from James MacDonald are unbiblical. Here is the article:


Non-Disparagement Agreements And Truth-Telling In The Church: Willow Creek