Harvest Bible Elders Warning

James MacDonald Mafia Family
James MacDonald Mafia Family

To the elder board of Harvest Bible Chapel. This will be your one and only warning. You can either finally do what is right by Harvest Bible Chapel, or you can continue to do what is wrong by Harvest. Caring more about your personal status, or arrogantly thinking “I can be part of the solution”, than about what is truly in the best interest for Harvest and God’s Kingdom. The latter will lead to each and every elder being held personally accountable . Here are the things that better not happen:

1. No elder from this current elder board should be negotiating with James about anything. Including a severance for him, Kathy or his sons. The people on that board have already demonstrated their loyalty to James above the loyalty of Harvest and above the loyalty to God’s kingdom. You absolutely should not be in any negotiations with James and his family. This elder board cannot be trusted to do what is in the best interest of Harvest. Decisions made by this board cannot be what is best for Harvest.

2. James should not benefit from the damage and destruction he has inflicted on both the church and its’ members.

3. Luke and Landon cannot remain at Harvest. They too should not benefit with any severance.

4. There needs to be total and complete transparency with the members. There should be nothing happening that cannot be made available to the members of Harvest. Including whatever deal is made with James. There should not be a non-disclosure agreement made with anyone. Especially James. There should never be another NDA including Harvest ever again.

5. Nothing should be given to James that is currently owned by Harvest, including Walk in the Word or any other book & music rights. James brought these things into Harvest where he enjoyed the secrecy of not having to file financials for their profits. In addition, Harvest is still more than $40 million dollars in debt that was caused by James. Every asset James would want should go toward that debt and that debt only.

6. No one on the elder board or the XLT should remain. Every single elder and XLT board member has blood on their hands. Especially those who have been a part of these biblical-crimes for years. It also includes those newer elders who never stood up for Christ when the lawsuit was filed. Choosing instead to stand behind James. Everyone’s loyalty has been misplaced. An elder that had an issue with the lawsuit or other sin going on at Harvest should have resigned at the very least.

If you continue down the current path you are on, here is the accountability that will happen:

1. The news stories, investigations and blog postings scrutinizing Harvest, elders and leaders will continue. It will call out the current elders that continue to make decisions based on their loyalty to James. These stories will become more and more centralized on the corrupt elders and XLT personally.

2. Webpages and blogs will be dedicated to each and every elder and their family about the blood on their hands. About the damage and destruction each one allowed. There are no excuses for it. It will be on the internet permanently and will be sent to every future church that each elder decides to attend. To ensure they are never in a position of leadership again.

3. will remain on the internet until every single elder, XLT member and “mafia” family member resigns. When everyone is gone and Harvest is on a righteous path, then it will be taken down.

4. If you are the ones that make any final decisions on James and his sons that is anything less than all of their termination without any severance or future pay, then decide to resign, I will take down the HBCF website, however each of you will be added to the page that will remain on the internet permanently. That page will have news and posts of all of James misgivings and any of the misgivings of his mafia family.

Here is how I suggest you handle this situation:

1. Every elder but 3 resign immediately. Those 3 should not contain anyone who would make any decision based on James’ interests. Including James and his sons. Those 3 elders can have a meeting and:

A. Amend the bylaws to eliminate the XLT;

B. Amend the section where the XLT and James have to vote to fire James;

C. Fire James and his family with $0 severance pay. If James wants to file another lawsuit then let him. He will have to answer to God for it. Your job is not to worry about a lawsuit. Your job is to do what is right for Harvest and God’s kingdom.

D. Fire all pastors that have been James’ henchmen. Including Rick Donald, Jeff Donaldson, David Learned, Mohan Zachariah, as well as Chris Nudo and many others. All with $0 severance. These men are Capos in James’ Mafia. They all allowed James to reign terror on Harvest and its members. None of them should prosper for allowing this destruction and for sitting back and watching it while doing nothing about it.

E. Bring on 3 new elders that were never a part of James schemes. If it is a past elder, he better have a very clear history of standing up to James.

F. Then the original 3 elders will immediately resign and turn over the board completely to the 3 new elders.

If you really care about Harvest and God, this is the direction you will take immediately. Your actions will reveal whether you care more about yourselves and/or James or if you truly care about God and Harvest. It is your turn to finally do the right thing.

The choice is yours.