James MacDonald Mafia

James MacDonald Mafia
James MacDonald Mafia – “The Don”

The James MacDonald Mafia are still pulling the strings at Harvest Bible Chapel. Just like every other mafia boss who tries to work behind the scenes and continues to leave a wake of destruction. If James “The Don”  MacDonald is on sabbatical and not involved in any of the decision making, why was he told he could preach at Harvest Bible Chapel Naples in the first place? Why would a “competent” elder board place James MacDonald on leave because of the depth of his sin, yet give him permission to go pastor at another church? The answer is that “The Don” is still pulling the strings, and the same incompetent and weak elders that allowed Pastor James MacDonald to wreak havoc on his employees and congregation for years are allowing him to continue to control the situation.

Harvest Bible Chapel Naples was Pastor James’ exit plan all along. A way for him to ride off into the

Rick Donald
Rick Donald – “The Underboss”

sunset. The “Closer Campaign” was intended to help get Harvest Bible Chapel out of the $48 million dollar debt that James MacDonald put them in. He wanted to get the church debt free so his two sons would be handed the church free and clear, and he could retire in Florida and have his own church there. The only problem is that the pastor at the Harvest Bible Chapel Naples wasn’t in on the plan. So what did “The Don” do? He had the pastor fired. What did the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel do? They sent James MacDonald’s “Under Boss”, Pastor Rick Donald down to Harvest Naples. Pastor Donald has just as much blood on his hands as Pastor James does. Pastor Donald has seen, allowed and made excuses for Pastor James MacDonald’s tyranny since day one of Harvest opening its doors. Pastor Rick Donald has watched and covered up Pastor James MacDonald’s destruction for more than 30 years.

Every Pastor and every elder who agreed with Pastor James MacDonald about either of the lawsuits should resign or be fired immediately. Every pastor and every elder who sat back and watched James continuously abuse the members and staff of Harvest and did nothing about it, should resign or be fired immediately.

Those pastors and elders should not have any part of what happens next for James or for Harvest. These are the very people who allowed Harvest members and staff to be abused in the first place. These are the very people who stood behind James while he was abusing his flock. These are the same ones that covered up James’ abuse and turned their backs on the very people they were supposed to protect. They, like Pastor James, should also be held accountable.

I would liken this situation to Hitler and his SS officers. James is Hitler. The pastors and elders that stood behind James and enabled James are the SS officers. They are trying to run and hide. They don’t want to face the consequences of their actions and inaction’s. They were part of the problem, yet arrogantly want you to believe they can be part of the solution. If they were that weak to begin with, they will always be that weak. Harvest Bible Chapel needs strong Godly leadership. Not the cowards who stood behind Hitler and carried out his orders.

James MacDonald Mafia Family
James MacDonald Mafia Family